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Interviews & Jury Rights Day | 07 Sep 2011

FIJA Director Discusses Jury Rights Day, Northern Idaho Case


FIJA Director Iloilo Jones be on AmericanNewsNet.com radio show, KHNC 1360AM, on Wednesday, September 7, from 4-6 PM Mountain time. The call-in number is 877-254-7524.

She will be talking about Jury Rights Day and the growing need for informed jurors across the nation as government employees and politicians stray further away from the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Jurors are the primary protection of our human rights against corrupt government.

She will be commenting on the present case in Northern Idaho, regarding father who is being persecuted for protecting his children from a bear in the backyard. She will also discuss the protection that comes from our neighbors who form our juries—to protect us from the predatory, vicious actions of government, whether government is a king, a politician, a paid lackey, or a local bureaucrat who lives on your taxes.