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Jury Rights Day | 09 Aug 2011

Celebrate Jury Rights Day with Educational Postcards


Jury Rights Day falls on 5 September in commemoration of the William Penn case in 1670 which firmly established protection for the jury, and firmly established the right of the jurors to refuse to accept bad government laws. FIJA Activists across the country will be conducting educational outreach on this day to help raise awareness of this important protection for free people against government tyranny.

How will YOU be celebrating Jury Rights Day?

For those who do not yet have plans, we will be posting a variety of suggestions in the next few weeks to help you out. For those who have an event or activity scheduled, please let us know! You may e-mail aji(AT)fija(DOT)org with the details and we will be happy to help get the word out through our social media circles. We would also appreciate it if you would send a write-up on your event, with pictures if you have them, after it takes place to be featured on our website or in our newsletter. If you post video from your event, please send us those links as well!

This week we want to let you know about a very simple Jury Rights Day promotion that anyone can do. If you will be out of town for Jury Rights Day, which happens to coincide with Labor Day this year, you can still participate! For the first time, we are offering Jury Rights Day announcements in postcard size this year:

These 4.25″ X 5.5″ cards come in assorted colors, all with a glossy finish. The front of the card shows our Jury Rights Day logo, website, toll-free number, and the following text:
FIJA Activists
-Inform potential jurors of their traditional, legal authority to refuse to enforce corrupt laws;
-Inform potential jurors that they cannot be required to check their conscience at the courthouse door;
-Inform potential jurors that they cannot be punished for their verdict;
-Inform everyone to protect human rights against government tyranny.
That is FIJA’s message.

The back side of each card is blank so you can address and stamp them to mail to people or print your local organization’s information on the back to hand out at events. These cards are great for announcing Jury Rights Day events. The date is marked on the cards with no year specified. Since Jury Rights Day is on September 5th each year, if you have cards leftover this year, you can still put them to use next year.

Jury Rights Day announcement postcards can be ordered online through our Media Catalog, or you can give us a call in the office at (406) 442-7800 to order by phone. For more ideas and resources for your outreach events and activities, please visit our Jury Rights Day page.