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Function of Juries | 07 Jul 2011

Reminder of the Function of the Jury in the Wake of the Casey Anthony Trial


In the wake of the Casey Anthony trial, we have gotten a number of calls regarding the case. While we do not have a comment on the details of this particular case, we remind everyone that guilt is determined by evidence and not the heinousness of the allegations against the defendant.

The primary purpose of the jury is not to dispense punishment or uncritically to rubber stamp allegations made by the government against the accused. Rather, the jury serves as a body of independent individuals with no vested interest in a particular outcome of the case, responsible above all for delivering justice. We are all protected when juries consistently refuse to convict defendants in cases where the prosecution fails to convince them of the defendant’s guilt.

William L. Anderson explains how the jurors in the Casey Anthony case upheld this high standard which protects us all from malicious prosecution and abuse by government employees looking to score wins in the courtroom rather than to deliver justice. (Click through for the entire article.)

The Casey Anthony Verdict: Jurors Did the Right Thing

Yet, what I see is a jury that did its job. Prosecutors demanded that jurors engage in speculation, and the jurors refused to do that, and I applaud them for their integrity. Maybe Casey Anthony did murder her daughter, but the prosecution never proved it, and jurors are supposed to acquit when that happens. And it happened.

We thank these jurors for their integrity, service, and cool-headedness under substantial pressure both in the courthouse and following the trial.