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FIJActivist & Jury Rights Day & Volunteer | 21 Jun 2011

FIJA Banners for Events


Within a few days, FIJA will have new banners available for events such as conferences, meetings, marches, speaking engagements, conventions, and other times when you’d like to make a significant statement to the public. All of these banners are suitable for table fronts, for above tables on the walls, for draping a podium, and for affixing to two uprights for carrying.

They can be previewed online here.

FIJA will ship them, postage paid, for a deposit, and on their return when the event is over, and FIJA will refund the deposit. If you would like to purchase a banner, please contact us for details.

We also remind everyone that all of our brochures are available free online for you to download and print for your events. If you are planning to order brochures or other materials for events throughout the summer, and especially if you are planning a Jury Rights Day (5 September) event, be sure to place your order early to ensure sufficient shipping time. We recommend ordering 3 weeks in advance.