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Volunteer | 09 May 2011

FIJA Outreach Opportunities for Illinois (Updated)


We would like to let you know about two current jury education outreach opportunities in Illinois. If you are able to support either of these efforts, we would greatly appreciate your participation. Please note that the outreach campaign in Crawford County has been extended through the end of June 2011.

Rock Island County Courthouse, IL
Nancy Brandt and other activists are currently handing out literature near the Scott County Courthouse in Iowa. Nancy is looking for volunteers to help hand out FIJA literature Monday mornings at the Rock Island County Courthouse in Illinois just a few minutes away over the Mississippi River. If you are able to help out, please contact Nancy Brandt directly at nbrandt@theinter.com for details.

Crawford County Courthouse, IL
There is a need for independent activism to educate the jury pool of this entire county. Activists could begin by passing out literature according to FIJA guidelines at the Crawford County Courthouse in Illinois beginning immediately and running through the month of June. You may also want to participate by handing out literature elsewhere in the area, by calling in to local talk radio shows, by writing guest editorials or letters to the editor for local publications, and so on. We do not have a coordinator for this outreach activity. The Crawford County Courthouse is located at 1 Court Street; Robinson, IL.

FIJA brochures in .pdf format can be downloaded free from our online Library to print copies for your use, or you may order printed copies from our Media Catalog.

We encourage all FIJA activists to read and abide by our guidelines for distributing literature. (.pdf)

Thank you for all you do to support FIJA and our educational efforts.