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Are you fully informed about jury nullification?

FIJActivist | 15 Apr 2011

ACLU and First Amendment Center respond


You can view the response in the FIJA, et al. v. Ninth Circuit case here. Obviously, Belvin Perry’s office was unable to articulate a clear position for their specious attack on informing jurors of their inherent rights of conscience.

Meanwhile, FIJA Activists continue to spread the word all across the nation. Join us by ordering your FIJA educational material today, and share it with friends.

Watch this website for announcements of upcoming on line training sessions for Activists, as well as for announcements of new full court press educational campaigns where you can get involved. Our goal is to have high-visibility FIJA campaigns in twenty-five states by Jury Rights Day this year. We are well on our way to reaching this goal.

Let’s go!