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Contests & Freedom Friday & Lunch Break for Liberty | 01 Apr 2011

Freedom Friday- Lunch Break for Liberty Online


In this week’s very brief Freedom Friday video, an outreach activist shows how easy it is to distribute literature that might one day save someone’s life by fully informing someone of their right not to convict based on their conscience. Be polite and friendly when you are handing out literature to make a good impression on those to whom you are handing it. Hand it directly to the person you are delivering it to, and deliver a clear and brief comment regarding what the brochure is about. This helps draw their attention to what you are giving them and encourages them to open it up and read it.

If you would like to recommend a jury-related video for Freedom Friday, let us know in the FIJA forum or by sending an e-mail to us at aji(at)fija.org/aie653l. And don’t forget that you can win cash and other prizes and have your own video featured on Freedom Friday by entering our Justice Through Jurors video contest. Details are right here.