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Jurors Doing Justice | 13 Mar 2011

Florida Landscaper Acquitted of NYC Gun Charges


Florida landscaper Jonathan Ryan was busted by New York City cops after being pulled over during a traffic stop for making a right turn on a red light. During the traffic stop, it came to light that he had mistakenly left a firearm in his glove box when he drove up from Florida to help his girlfriend move. Fortunately, a jury recognized that he committed no harm and that there was no victim, and therefore he committed no crime.

Florida landscaper who left loaded handgun inside pickup truck acquitted of NYC gun charges

Cops and prosecutors said that wasn’t a good defense. A Manhattan jury apparently believed it was and found Ryan, who had no previous criminal record, not guilty.

“I was an innocent man,” an emotional Ryan said afterward in his distinct southern drawl. “That is what integrity is all about – you stand your ground.”

Prosecutors still said he broke the law, even after the verdict.

We appreciate that this jury has sent a message to New York City law enforcement that engaging in perfectly peaceful behavior is NOT a crime. Perhaps when a few more juries refuse to help enforce such abuse of citizens, they will take it to heart and stop wasting our tax dollars.