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Media Releases | 16 Feb 2011

For Immediate Release: FIJA Retains ACLU and Walters to Challenge Order Quashing Free Speech


16 February 2011
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For Immediate Release

FIJA Retains ACLU and Walters to Challenge Order Quashing Free Speech

Pursuant to an administrative order issued by State Judge Belvin Perry, Jr., barring FIJA volunteers from distributing literature at or near the Orlando, Florida State Courthouse, the jury education group FIJA has retained the legal services of Florida ACLU and Walters Law Group. FIJA works to restore the traditional role of juries as checks on corrupt government and bad laws.

Confident that the order has no standing before the First Amendment, FIJA has retained the most capable representation available. Florida ACLU’s seasoned legal experts join with Walters Law Group in representing FIJA.

FIJA has long been known for its national-level educational efforts on behalf of justice. FIJA publishes literature and maintains a web site www.fija.org/aie653l designed to inform the general public of their Constitutional authority to protect human rights by refusing to enforce bad laws. FIJA encourages all jurors to vote their conscience in cases before them, and to refuse to enforce any law that violates the human rights of any person on trial.

The jury’s vote of conscience has been instrumental in protecting such rights as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion. Conscientious jurors refused to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act, and helped to end prohibition by refusing to enforce this law. FIJA encourages everyone to be skeptical of all government employees in the justice system. To protect human rights, jurors must vote their conscience in every case where they serve as a juror.


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