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Media Releases | 08 Feb 2011

For Immediate Release: Peaceful Forbearance


8 February 2011
For Immediate Release
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Peaceful Forbearance

FIJA is presently following Judge Belvin Perry’s unconstitutional administrative order while it is being challenged. Nobody serves the interests of FIJA, human rights, justice, or free speech by violating the administrative order, although the order clearly violates our human rights.

Should anyone choose at their individual behest to ignore said order, they do so with full knowledge that they are neither (a) representing FIJA, nor (b) contributing to FIJA’s efforts on behalf of all people.

FIJA asks instead that you peacefully distribute these two flyers, We Seek to Obey the Law and FIJA Works, and explain to people why FIJA is questioning an order which clearly violates the free speech rights of everyone. This order involves larger human rights questions of free speech and the sharing of information vital to justice among free people. We appreciate your peaceful forbearance.

Please share this release with everyone.

Iloilo Marguerite Jones
PO Box 4335
Helena, MT 59604