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FIJA in the News | 07 Feb 2011

TechDirt Reports on Florida Ban on Educational Outreach


As I’m posting this, the following article is third from the top on TechDirt’s home page. Even more people are learning about jury nullification!

Judge Bans Handing (Factual) Pamphlets To Jurors; Raising First Amendment Issues

Apparently, there’s a group called the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) — which seems like a pretty good idea. Why wouldn’t we want fully informed juries? The group has been handing out pamphlets to jurors which basically say that the jurors should vote with their conscience and not feel pressured into voting against what they believe. Seems like pretty standard stuff.

However, it looks like Chief Judge Belvin Perry doesn’t like fully informed juries. He signed an order barring the group from handing out their pamphlets… raising all sorts of free speech and prior restraint questions. In order to try to get around the prior restraint question, Judge Perry stated that this “restriction upon expressive conduct” was “necessary to serve the state’s compelling interest in protecting the integrity of the jury system.”

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