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Freedom Friday & Lunch Break for Liberty | 04 Feb 2011

Freedom Friday: FIJA Response on WFTV to Judge Perry’s Unlawful Order


This week’s Freedom Friday video features FIJA Florida representative James Cox on Orlando’s WFTV news discussing the unlawful order issued by Judge Blevin Perry, Jr. a few days ago stifling freedom of speech. According to the news report, Judge Perry says that our outreach efforts in the area have been effective! Please post the following video to your blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, etc. and invite others to join our efforts to have this unlawful administrative order rescinded.

FIJA’s True or False brochure (pdf) was shown twice in the two-minute segment. The judge issued an order to try and squash this information from getting to jurors, but instead his order has led to it being featured on Orlando news.

We invite you to take a moment during your lunch break today to distribute the link to this blog post to your friends and family via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you would like to recommend a jury-related video for Freedom Friday, let us know in the FIJA forum or by sending an e-mail to us at aji(at)fija.org/aie653l.