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Media Releases | 04 Feb 2011

For Immediate Release: Confusion in the Courts, Justice from Jurors


4 February 2011

For Immediate Release

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Confusion in the Courts, Justice from Jurors

Conflicting interpretations of laws confuse people. Uninformed, undereducated judges who do not understand the law should resign rather than issue unlawful orders.

During the past year, the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) has conducted a peaceful, orderly educational campaign across the State of Florida. Thousands of educational brochures have been distributed peacefully to thousands of individuals. Many people have learned of their traditional authority as a juror for the first time.

Recent unlawful orders issued by Florida State Judge Belvin Perry of Orlando show the ignorance of some judges on points of law, and on the legality of actions. This ignorance makes it doubly necessary that informed jurors are present. Informed jurors protect harmless, innocent, law-abiding people from the improper and often vicious prosecutions allowed by government judges—including judges who do not understand the law.

FIJA questions the order issued by Judge Perry. FIJA is insisting that the Governor and Attorney General examine the order for its lawfulness, especially in light of an opinion issued less than a year earlier by another Florida State Judge.

If judges can issue unlawful orders with impunity, then what recourse is left open to innocent, peaceful people who seek the protection of the courts? If government officials allow judges to issue unlawful orders, and law enforcers are allowed to initiate harm against people who are not in compliance with these unlawful orders, what protection is left for peaceful, harmless people?

The only protection left is from those very people FIJA is trying to educate: the jurors. To protect people from bad laws, jurors must know of their authority to refuse to convict people who are charged under bad laws. Neither the judges—nor government school teachers—will tell people of this authority. Lawyers argue against it as well, because it diminishes their power and income. Judges often lie about it, telling jurors that they must follow the instructions of the judge. We need informed jurors who will protect our rights.




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