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FIJActivist | 04 Feb 2011

FIJA Letter Questions Florida Judge, Atty General, Governor Over Unlawful Order


On Thursday, 3 February 2011, FIJA sent on FIJA letterhead via United States Postal Service certified mail, the following questions to Florida Judge Blevin Perry, Jr., to Florida Governor Rick Scott, and to Attorney General Pam Bondi:Questions for Florida Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr., Governor Rick Scott, and Attorney General Pam Bondi (pdf)

The letter, in part, points out this contradiction:

On 31 January, 2011, Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. has issued an “Administrative Order”, barring peaceful people from engaging in their lawful freedom of speech to peacefully distribute pamphlets, on public property, related to the laws, rights and authority of jurors.

On 8 February 2010, Florida Judge David B. Eddy issued a memorandum stating, “Based on principles of free speech, I believe that whoever is distributing the handouts (referencing FIJA literature) in question has a right to do so. Accordingly, I see no reason why the handouts must be excluded from the jury assembly room. I believe we may trust jurors to follow the law as instructed by the judge.”

A contradiction in the application of the law is evident. Americans seeking to lawfully exercise their lawful rights are subject to being arrested and denied their rights by Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr.’s order.

Because a contradiction of the law is evident, and a damage is threatened by the power of office of Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. we respectfully insist that Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. and the courts and government of Florida, under penalty of fraud and other laws, certify which involved law prevails, not contradicted by any superior law: Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr.’s Administrative Order; or the right of the People to freely express their views in regard to this matter.

The orders in question were included in all of the mailings for reference. They can be found online as follows:
Judge Belvin Perry, Jr.’s Administrative Order of 31 January 2011 (pdf)
Judge David B. Eddy’s Memorandum of 8 February 2010 (pdf)

Obviously the two documents are in conflict and cannot both be valid. We believe Judge Perry’s order is clearly unlawful and in violation of freedom of speech.

We ask FIJA activists to please distribute this flyer in printed or electronic format to media, blogs, friends and the general public. Please also send certified/registered copies to the judge (click through for his contact information). We will keep you posted as to when we receive signature confirmation back on the letter and enclosures we sent to Judge Perry, Governor Scott, and Attorney General Bondi. Begin today circulating this letter, along with the flyer, to everyone.

Let’s make sure we are heard loud and clear on this one! And remember that our goal is always, in whatever we do, NOT to give the government the pleasure and satisfaction of arresting peaceful people by playing by their rules. Our goal is to embarrass them by pointing out the contradictions of their own actions.