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Function of Juries & Jury Nullification | 24 Jan 2011

Letter to the Editor Regarding New Hampshire HB 146


Although FIJA takes no position on legislation, we do track any legislation related to juries, whether the legislation is suspension of trial by jury blamed on budget cuts, or bills introduced in any legislative body. The following is a letter regarding New Hampshire’s HB 146 which was published in the Concord Monitor:

Legislation would empower jurors
by Bob Constantine, Grafton

Presently, judges have a great deal of unchecked discretion, some would say too much discretion, when considering whether they will allow jury nullification information and arguments to be brought up in “their” courtroom. If it’s a juror’s right to nullify, why shouldn’t jurors be informed? Why don’t they want you to know?

Too often the “impartial” judge seems to favor the state and its prosecutors. Some would say judges have leaned toward aiding the state in obtaining a guilty finding when no victim or no identifiable harm occurred.

Should HB 146 pass, the power and the knowledge of that power of our right to judge our peers will return to where it rightfully belongs: you, the juror.

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