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FIJA in the News & Jurors Doing Justice & Jury Nullification | 27 Dec 2010

Missoula Jury Pool Refuses to Convict


Recently, the Missoulian reported on the inability of a Missoula, Montana court even to seat a jury due to the jurors’ indications during voir dire that they would not convict a defendant of the entirely victimless act of possession of 1/16th of an ounce of marijuana. Several members of the jury pool expressed their disapproval of taxpayer dollars being wasted on such a matter in the first place. This led to a break in court proceedings during which the prosecutor offered the defendant a plea deal in which he didn’t even have to admit guilt in the matter. FIJA applauds the jury pool in their steadfast refusal to enforce bad law.

This case has been getting a lot of attention across the country. We ask that FIJA activists use this opportunity to educate their neighbors about the right and responsibility of the juror to refuse to convict any harmless person who is being tried under unfair or unfairly applied law. Please take a few minutes to write a letter to the editor or post some comments- or both!- so that the readers of any of the following publications have the opportunity to learn about jury nullification. Remember to mention fija.org/aie653l so that readers can easily find more information. Check back to this post as we will be updating it as we turn up more stories. If you see a story that has not been listed here, please e-mail us with the link. And please send us a copy of your letter to the editor. It might be featured on our blog or in our newsletter.

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