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FIJA Applauds Veto by Missoula Jury Pool


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23 December 2010

FIJA Applauds Veto by Missoula Jury Pool
Iloilo Marguerite Jones, Executive Director of the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA), applauds actions of the Missoula jury pool, but not the government label of “mutiny.” Jury veto, or jury nullification, is the lawful vote of the People to prevent government employees from enforcing bad laws.
FIJA, headquartered in Montana since its founding 20 years ago, conducted an intense educational campaign in Missoula during the past several years, informing potential jurors of their authority as the final veto against bad government laws. Central to this campaign was distribution of the FIJA brochures “Who Owns Your Body?” and Jury Protection for Second Amendment.
Examples of juror veto include juror refusal to convict violators of the federal Fugitive Slave Act, prohibition-era juror refusal to convict people with whiskey, and jurors today refusing to convict peaceful gun owners, property owners, war protesters, tax protesters, and alternative medical therapy patients.
FIJA educates jurors on their legal function to veto bad government laws, and teaches that individuals can protect human rights when called for jury duty. Jurors have the right to refuse to enforce any corrupt law passed by corrupt politicians. Jurors’ refusal to convict is a legal veto power.
FIJA has carried on educational campaigns across the nation, with special emphasis on Montana, where FIJA was founded 20 years ago. Montana’s independent jurors have long been vocal in their disapproval of unjust, misapplied, and contradictory laws. FIJA activists continue to educate as many potential jurors as possible.

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