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FIJActivist & Jury Nullification | 13 Dec 2010

FIJA Activism Regarding Potential Julian Assange Trial


FIJA activists are working on identifying a vicinage for any potential trial involving Julian Assange in order to conduct general educational outreach to the entire community. We encourage all FIJA activists to coordinate efforts in FIJA’s State News and Activists Discussion Forum.

FIJA encourages all human rights activists to conduct educational outreach in a non-confrontational manner. You are encouraged to read FIJA’s brochure on Handing Out FIJA Literature Around Courthouses (pdf) for information on conducting effective educational outreach efforts.

Your level of involvement is your individual choice, and is much appreciated. No volunteer need fear character assassination, criticism, or undue pressure from FIJA regardless of their level of activity. FIJA also encourages others to conduct themselves in the spirit of civility, cooperation, and kindness toward all human rights workers.