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Freedom Friday & Lunch Break for Liberty | 05 Nov 2010

Freedom Friday: Lunch Break for Liberty Online


This week we present the trailer for Conviction, a recently released feature length film based on the true story of Kenny Waters who served 18 years in prison for murder he didn’t commit before DNA testing proved his innocence. His sister, Betty Anne Waters, put herself through college and law school in order to help with her brother’s case.

Kenny Waters was convicted, in spite of a strong alibi and lack of physical evidence connecting him to the crime, largely on the basis of the testimony of witnesses who had been threatened with arrest by police if they refused to implicate Waters. Exculpatory evidence in the form of fingerprints collected by police at the scene of the crime which excluded Waters as a suspect were not provided to the defense for use during the trial. More evidence in the form of Waters’ work time card which verified his alibi was lost and not used in the initial trial.

Sadly, Waters passed away six months after his release. He was 47 years old and had spent more than a third of his life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Please remember that your service as a fully informed juror who understands how the system is stacked in favor of the prosecution may be the only thing standing between an innocent defendant and life in prison.

Please also consider that one day, that innocent defendant may be you. Will you have fully informed jurors protecting you from abuse from government prosecutors and law enforcement looking to chalk up another win?

Conviction is currently open in theaters across the United States and Canada. We encourage you to see it with friends and family to remind them why service as a fully informed juror is so important.

We invite you to take a moment during your lunch break today to distribute the link to this blog post to your friends and family via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you would like to recommend a jury-related video for promotion on Freedom Friday, let us know in the FIJA forum or by sending an e-mail to us at aji(at)fija.org/aie653l.