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FIJA Calendar & Interviews | 14 Oct 2010

Ilo Jones Will Be the Guest on Wall In Our Minds


Ilo Jones of the Fully Informed Jury Association (“FIJA”) will be talking about the growing tension between individual liberty and those in government bent on enforcing bad laws. It seems that there are no uncorrupted venues available for the people to seek lawful remedies. Ilo will address how this de facto government and their agents in black robes are assuming the posture and authority of royalty. There is a solution! Join us for an electrifying discussion about what just may be the best plan of action for all of us to unify and rally around.

Show link for Thursday night at 9 PM Eastern or 7 PM Mountain: Wall In Our Minds

Call in number: (347) 838-9176

We’ve been seeking real solutions that make sense for taking our power back. Talking with Ilo today restored my hope that there is a real workable plan that we can call everyone to join in.

See you in chat Thursday night.

-Terry Dodd & Red Beckman, co-hosts of Walls In Our Minds