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Job Opportunities | 27 Apr 2010

WANTED: Community Activist and Organizer, Campaign Leader, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Dear FIJA Activist,

We are looking for a motivated individual to head up an upcoming outreach and education campaign in Florida. Please read on for the job description and information on how to apply!

WANTED: Community Activist and Organizer, Campaign Leader, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) is building an educational campaign in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. FIJA is looking for an enthusiastic, independent, self-starting activist and organizer to initiate outreach efforts to student, civic and other liberty-motivated groups, to spearhead educational efforts focused on jurors, especially at the federal level, and to successfully conduct a media campaign in Fort Lauderdale to raise community awareness of FIJA.

Familiarity with FIJA and nullification are necessary prerequisites to successfully lead this campaign. FIJA’s mission–and the central theme of all its campaigns–is to educate everyone on the authority of each juror to refuse to enforce prosecutions and laws violating human rights and the Constitution. This position requires being present outside the courthouses to hand out FIJA literature, writing and delivering press releases, and presenting FIJA literature and presentations at a variety of events and functions. It requires initiating and arranging speaking opportunities and making presentations to local groups.

Central themes of this campaign focus on the juror’s need for skepticism due to prosecutorial abuses, and to heighten awareness of how jurors can resist, through a verdict of not guilty, government’s interference with individual body rights and body ownership.

The person should be:

  • outgoing
  • friendly
  • non-argumentative
  • a team player
  • a team leader
  • enthusiastic
  • poised
  • presentable
  • socially adept
  • self-directed

The person should know:

  • about FIJA, its mission and current projects (Lunch Break for Liberty, Challenge for Churches)
  • about the Fort Lauderdale community
  • how to write media releases, guest editorials, and letters to the editor
  • how to give cogent interviews about FIJA and jury authority to all media
  • about how juries can protect against prosecutorial abuse and human rights violations
  • how to identify, contact, and work with groups and individuals to advance the FIJA mission

The person should have:

  • community organizing skills
  • ability to work cooperatively with diverse groups
  • ability to speak before groups
  • ability to build permanent grassroots FIJA activism in the Fort Lauderdale area

The person must:

  • make initial contacts with Fort Lauderdale civic, student and activist groups and establish working relationships
  • build an independent FIJA group to carry on activism in Fort Lauderdale after the initial campaign project ends
  • make and develop contacts with media, student organizations, and civic groups to recruit FIJA activists
  • coordinate weekly literature campaigns at courthouses and other key locations
  • stay within the budget of the project
  • be accountable on a biweekly basis to the national office, with progress reports, action reports, and strategies for the next time period
  • keep blog and Twitter current for Florida

Some relevant and related experience is preferred. Knowledge and ability to articulate mission of FIJA, fundamental philosophical precepts of juror nullification, and some familiarity with general issues of human/civil rights in the USA are necessary.

This is a six- to eight-month campaign, from which there must emerge ongoing FIJA activism in the Fort Lauderdale area. Media saturation about FIJA-based issues of prosecutorial abuse and body ownership, all related to the juror’s right and obligation to nullify unjust and unconstitutional laws, is an especially important outcome of this campaign. A maximum number of interviews, articles, and letters to the editor are required outcomes.

The purpose of having an activist and organizer, therefore, is to advantageously utilize all local media opportunities to raise awareness, to recruit and inspire local individuals to become FIJA Activists, and to build a tribe of enthusiastic activists to carry on the work initiated and organized by the campaign leader.

This position requires speaking ability, some writing ability, as well as the ability to articulate concepts, work as a team builder, and to lead while training others to continue with the FIJA efforts once the team builder leaves.

This position pays a monthly stipend as well as related expenses.

For consideration, please submit a resume, writing sample, and 3 references to aji@fija.org/aie653l with “resume” in the subject line or by mail to:
The Fully Informed Jury Association
P.O. Box 5570
Helena, MT 59604-5570.