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Are you fully informed about jury nullification?

Lunch Break for Liberty & Volunteer | 18 Nov 2009

Join FIJA’s “Lunch Break for Liberty” Campaign


Take one lunch break a week for liberty. Get your exercise by taking a walk around the neighborhood on your lunch break, and help protect your rights at the same time. Is your workplace near a state or federal courthouse? That’s even better! Just take a handful of pamphlets with you and share them with those you pass along your route.

You can download brochures from our Library or order them from our Media Catalog. These brochures are great ways to help your neighbors learn about their rights and responsibilities when serving as a juror:

You may also want to review our flyer on Distributing FIJA Literature in Front of Courthouses (PDF) and Professor James Duane’s video Don’t Talk to the Police . Your vote as a juror is your most significant and influential vote.

When you serve as a juror, your vote is one of only twelve and is meaningful in protecting another person and yourself as well from government abuse of human rights.